Buying a new home Off Plan can offer a number of benefits .

The obvious benefit is that you normally receive a reduction in the asking price.

It can also really help your cash flow as there is no need to pay all the money upfront in one lump some.

By spreading the payments over the term of the build it can help make the purchase affordable.

In addition to this it allows you to choose your plot and the direction your new home will face.

Buying Off Plan also can make the experience so much more personal as it allows you to see the build of  your new home evolving before you.

Because the house has not been built it gives you the chance to customise the design and build of your new home making it bespoke.

8 Villas provide a built and furnished show house enabling you the chance to see our quality and workmanship .

We provide photo and video updates for your records on the progress of your new home,it is great to see the different stages of build and makes for a great and exciting experience.





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