As the covid disruption grips the World the New Normal is re mapping the hot spots in Thailand.

Where once Pattaya and Bangkok and Phuket were known for their popularity for vibrant nightlife they now seem quite and dead and the bars and restaurants are empty.

Meanwhile just 45 minutes by plane from Bangkok Khon Kaen city tells a different story.

At the center of the city near the Pullman Hotel the night life is not thwarted by Covid.

There is a diverse range of places to visit from small bars to restaurants and a night club too, all in close proximity of each other offering something for everyone.

You can hear the live music playing which adds atmosphere together with people laughing and talking which lifts your spirit as you walk down the street.

Parked in the road outside Der La Jazz Restaurant sits a Ferrari, Porsche ,Mercedes,a Ford Mustang  a BMW among many other new and expensive cars.

This certainly does not paint the same picture as other cities in Thailand.

Apart from people wearing masks whilst walking in the street there is no sign of the Covid Disruption that has brought the restaurants and nightlife in other cities to a halt.

The atmosphere and feeling is one of a city full of life and hope.

The Night markets are busy as always and the feel you get is that Khon Kaen is the place to be.

The tide is turning and with Khon Kaen being the capital of Isan which is the home to a third of Thailand’s population Khon Kaen is fast becoming an alternative destination to invest in or to  live.

Land Prices are on the increase unlike other places in Thailand and around the World.

This Cosmopolitan friendly, diverse City is the place to be .

8 Villas business model is perfect as we have great products and a unique concept to offer the people already here and those seeking for an alternative place to invest in or to live .

Khon Kaen is the place to be and  8 villas have the perfect homes to live in.





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