Khon Kaen Real Estate

8 Villas are setting new buying trends with their fresh approach to  Real Estate In Khon Kaen.

In most cities around the World the Real Estate Markets  are suffering from over saturation with demand not equaling the supply.

8 Villas have taken the Khon Kaen Real Estate market by storm and have carefully positioned themselves by their unique design and fresh approach to the Khon Kaen Real Estate market.

The Real Estate market in Khon Kaen had a gap that needed filling and 8 villas are successfully filling that gap and bringing new designs and  new concepts to the Khon Kaen Real Estate market.

The first project in Khon kaen of 23 Private Pool Villas sold out very quickly and established 8 villas as the sole supplier of Pool Villas in Khon Kaen and North East Thailand.

8 Villas have dared to be different and have established themselves and their brand in the Khon Kaen Real Estate marketplace.

The latest and new development from 8 villas has taken the Private Pool concept in Khon Kaen to a whole new level.

This new and exclusive Riverside development offers a resort style of living never seen in this region before.

8 Villas are changing the Real Estate market in Khon Kaen and are bringing in Foreign investment together with  a new demographic of Buyer and Investor .

8 Villas dare to be different and their love and passion and conviction and belief in what they do is the key to this success story.




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