8 villas are well known for their Private pool villa developments in khon kaen and as the only Real estate Developer in Khon kaen building to European standards and the only developer of Private Pool Villas in Khon kaen.

The second project Riverside has already been marked to receive an award for its innovative design and groundbreaking concept of Riverside living in Khon kaen.

8 villas have received several requests to design and build houses for clients with their own land.

After great deliberation we decided to accept an offer to build for a client on their own land.

The client who is from the USA and married to a Thai national has lived in Thailand for many years .

They have had the land for many years and wanted to build their dream home and met with many builders to get quotes for this.

None could design what they really wanted and transfer what they were asking into plans and drawings.

We listened to the clients wishes and took the time to understand the client before we then began making any plans.

To see the look on the clients, face when we had transferred what was in their head into plans and drawings was magical and rewarding.

We delivered to them their dream home at a price they were happy with offering the best quality build.

They now are living happily in their dream home .

What stands us apart?

There are several things standing 8 villas apart from our competitors the most important factor is our Passion and care for our clients.

We do not have customers we make friends.

8 villas take the time to understand our clients’ needs and to understand the client too.

The obvious other important things that stand us apart from other builders is our designs and quality control which is a key factor in delivering the best finished product.

We build to European standards and train our staff in our way of building using our techniques and following strict quality control procedures.

We have our own building teams who work directly for us and report to us not contractors.

Matthew is hands on and oversees everything that goes on and he inspects all the work too and he is strict about the quality if it does not meet his standards it has to be redone.

Our clients can rest assured that they are in good hands and we take the hassle and stress out of building your own home.

Leave it to us to get the job done professionally and on time.

If you want to talk to us about our Khon kaen Building service,  click here.