Investment in Thailand is becoming more popular why?

Since the Covid Pandemic has gripped the World Thailand has become one of the safest places in the World.

Investors from all around the Globe are looking for new places to invest places of attraction and safety.

The lockdown and closure of borders has slowed things down but only temporarily and there are many who are fighting this disruption and seeking new places and markets to invest in .

The Thai market has been hit through tourism and the closure of the borders but there are places within Thailand that do not solely rely on tourism and are becoming an alternative destination and a great place to live and to  invest in.

Khon Kaen is  the centre of business in Isan the North East Region of Thailand.

With great infrastructure schools,hospitals and university  and the new rail link and expansion of the airport upgrading it to international status property prices are still increasing whilst elsewhere there is a decline.

The Chinese consulate is situated in Khon Kaen and 8 villas see this expanding market a great opportunity as our developments offer an alternative way of living in affordable luxury .

8 villas offer something for everyone our developments are designed for different age groups and are attractive to the Thai market as well as the foreign buyer and investors.

We cater for foreign ownership and have clear and precise agreements to enable our foreign clients to invest in Thailand with the knowledge that their investment is safe .

8 Villas is at the beginning of a great journey and we invite you to come with us on this journey and reap the rewards with us.

Now is the time to invest in Thailand  in Khon Kaen and in 8 villas.


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