Private Pool Villas For Sale In North East Thailand Area

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Unique European Style Private Pool Residence In Isan Thailand, Your Doorway To A New Lifestyle.

We have weekly cleaning of your pool hygienically with a robot for 2 hrs.

Private Pool Villas For Sale

What makes 8 rental properties a excellent area to live?

Is it the friendly atmosphere and practical personnel.

Could it be the privacy of the high walls or the safety and security.

Areas Covered:

Khon Kaen
Udon Thani

Maybe it is the location or is it the top quality build or the excellent style.

Is it the pool which is preserved and cleaned weekly for free?

Come and see on your own why 8 villas is the best selection of home in North East Thailand.

Isan a area of culture and tradition where new fulfills old where East fulfills West.

8 Villas Thailand are creating budget-friendly top quality Private Pool Villas built to European standards setting elevating bench of build top quality in and around this area.

2 Bedroom Villas

Suitable for single people or couples. It makes the excellent retired life residence|retirement community], holiday residence or weekend retreat.

3 Bedroom Villas.

This design is excellent for couples or those who want an extra space for visitors. It makes the excellent [retired life residence|retirement community], holiday residence or weekend retreat.

4 Bedroom Villas.

Our largest deluxe Villas for big families and also those who want numerous added rooms for visitors. It makes the excellent [retired life residence|retirement community], holiday residence or weekend retreat.

8 Villas Is More Than Just A Private Villa Residence.

supply|We provide] a variety of first-rate way of living centers to our customers ranging from maintenance to investment services.

Pool Care.

There is no need to be concerned concerning pool upkeep. supply|We provide] professional pool-cleaning and also pH adjusting once a week to suit our home’s requirements. Our pools are designed to be easily cleaned, preserved and also checked.

Private Pool Villas For Sale Experts

Maintenance Packages.

Our deluxe vacation homes won’t simply look attractive when you buy them. supply|We provide] upkeep services to guarantee your rental property is offered constant treatment, polishing and also substitutes whenever it is needed. This includes safety and security, home cleaning, landscape design, fixings, laundry and also complete service plans relying on individual client requirements.

Legal And Healthcare

Beginning a business, obtaining married|marrying] or require aid with|assist with|aid with] Visa applications? With our knowledge and contacts throughout Issan we can help our clients find the help they need to achieve their goals. You can benefit from private healthcare packages with our group discount packages and benefit from early investment in future 8Villas projects.

A pool way of living in the attractive North East area of Thailand.

City dealing with a difference.

3 and 4 room private pool vacation homes available.

8 Villas is a great place to live or own as a passive investment. Contact us now for Private Pool Villas For Sale.

Thai & Foreign ownership access.

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0956583038 English

Investment & ownership available.

There is absolutely nothing else similar to this in this region.

We are now selling your dream home at 8 villas.

Come and see for yourself what makes 8 villas so different from all the rest.

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