Khon Kaen The Place to Be

Around the world people are re evaluating their lives and lifestyles.
Thailand is one of the safest places in the World regarding the containment of the Covid 19 virus this adds to the attraction of living here.

As the Covid disruption grips the World the New Normal is re mapping the hot spots in Thailand.

Where once Pattaya and Bangkok and Phuket were known for their popularity for vibrant nightlife they now seem quite and dead and the bars and restaurants are empty.

Meanwhile just 45 minutes by plane from Bangkok Khon Kaen city tells a different story.

At the center of the city near the Pullman Hotel the night life is not thwarted by Covid.

There is a diverse range of places to visit from  bars and coffee shops and restaurants  offering  both Thai and Western cuisine.

You can relax and enjoy traditional Thai massage or dine in the Pullman hotel in one of their restaurants or use the Gym or Pool whatever mood you are in.

Everything is in close proximity of each other offering something for everyone.

As you walk down the street you can hear the live music playing which adds atmosphere together with people laughing and talking which lifts your spirit.

Parked in the road outside Der La Jazz Restaurant there are a selection of expensive cars including a Ferrari, Porsche ,Mercedes, a Ford Mustang  a BMW This certainly does not paint the same picture as other cities in Thailand.

There is no sign of the Covid Disruption that has brought the restaurants and nightlife in other cities to a halt.

The atmosphere and feeling is one of a city full of life and hope.

The Night markets are busy as always and offer great value for those seeking a bargain or traditional street food.

If you play golf then you will be delighted as Khon Kaen is home to the Singha golf park champion ship golf course.

The tide is turning and with Khon Kaen being the capital of Isan which is the home to a third of Thailand’s population Khon Kaen is fast becoming an alternative destination to invest in or to  live.

There is interest from many other country’s ambassadors and trade delegates towards Khon Kaen for the following reasons:

1. The remarkable development of the city as one of the five smart cities of Thailand and especially that Korea has taken interest in and is ready to develop here.

2. Khon Kaen's featured Medical Centre, Education Conference, Seminars and many manufacturing Industries, agricultural products such as sugar and many World export manufacturing industries.

3 .Khon Kaen is the hub of connection to neighboring countries through road and railways and air with the new international airport due to open in April 2021.

There are future government projects including Dry port project with dual railway connectivity to Nong Khai.

The future high-speed train and special expressway all add to Khon Kaen's economic growth.

4. There are government centers facilitating both regional and provincial levels.

The consulate of China, Laos, Vietnam, France, Peru , and Sweden are in the process of seeking permission for government approval.

5. The local economy is strong as Khon Kaen does not rely on tourism.

6. Khon Kaen is free from the Covid 19 virus and is a safe place to live.

Khon Kaen has so much to offer it is a good investment and great place to live.

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