A Buyers Guide To Property in Thailand

Choosing the right property developer is the most important thing.

First Choose the location of where you want to live .

This is normally dictated by where your Thai partner or wife comes from.

Choosing the right Town or City is important.

There are many considerations to make.

What type of lifestyle do you want and what type of people do you want to be around.

In the past Pattaya and Phuket or Chiang Mai or Samui were the sort after destinations,they are aimed at tourism rather than catering for people to live a normal life.

 There are alternative destinations that can offer a better lifestyle with a lower cost of living and lower crime rate than that of a tourist destination.

In fact since the covid pandemic has decimated the tourist industry Worldwide there has been a shift in popularity to non tourist destinations.

People are re evaluating  where they want to live.

Thailand is one of the lowest places to be affected by  Covid 19  making it an attractive destination.

Another consideration is  healthcare and medical facilities so choosing a destination with good and affordable healthcare is important.

If you have children to consider then education is a high priority,so choosing the right destination with good schools is important.

Depending on your situation age and lifestyle you will have a list of what is important to you.

Here is an example:

Location and Local Facilities






Ownership Options

Recommendations (feed back from customers)

Easy to Read Agreements covering all guarantees

Service Guarantee

Ensure all the  boxes are ticked and that you have asked all the questions and that your sales agreement represents exactly what you have agreed verbally.

This will probably be the last house you buy so get it right.

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