There is a famous story about a wise man and a foolish man.

The foolish man cut corners building his house and decided to build his house on sand without the correct foundation.

The wise man took his time and built his house with firm foundations on rock.

When the winds came the house built on the sand was blown down and washed away.

The house built on rock withstood the winds and bad weather and stayed strong.

8 Villas over engineer and pile deep and ensure that our houses have good foundations to withstand the test of time.

Our quality control is second to none as we understand the importance of checking all the work carried out .

We hear many stories about people in Khon kaen who buy a new house and within a short time period begin to have problems due to the poor construction and because corners have been cut.

8 Villas is about Preparation,Quality Control,and European Standards

You can buy with confidence when you buy from 8 villas.


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